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 ""My tongue is the pen of a ready writer"
  (Ps. 45:1).


Undercover Poet

Written by Grozli (Effie-Alean)

This page is dedicated to Grozli’s private world, a.k.a. “Undercover Poet” which includes all forms of writing.

Grozli (pronounced Gro-z-lee with a long “o”) is Effie’s alter ego, much like Superman was Clark Kent’s alter ego. Grozli is different and distinct from Effie. Grozli is playful, impulsive, disheveled, dreamy, and free-spirited. Whereas, Effie is structured, disciplined, well-groomed, focused, and grounded. They like each other, however.

Here’s the backstory: When Effie worked for the IRS, she documented case files and was required to sign with last name and first initial. So, back in the early 80s, she became, “Gross. E.” My sister, Mynita Anderson said, “I like ‘Gross Lee” better.” As an adverb, grossly, not so good, unless preceded by brilliant.

Then the alter ego spoke up and said, “Drop the ‘s’ and replace both of them with a single  ‘z’. I’m actually going to be named ‘Grozli.’” Okay. Since I named my daughter after my sister, and she had no girls to pin the name Effie on, I figured she should be allowed to name my alter ego. So, it stands. Grozli.  Welcome to my world!

Each week, Undercover Poet will share a new poem or essay here. Check back often. Who knows what Grozli will be doing next?

She’s Trouble!
  As Undercover Poet, Grozli will observe Effie's CREATIVITY in order to show how it works, can be improved, and rewarded. Grozli knows best in these matters of the mind and heart. She doesn't lecture; she performs!

Effie is not allowed to analyze, criticize, or otherwise scrutinize the creative genius. Grozli has a wooden ruler in the desk drawer to the top right and is not afraid to use it when necessary. Kilroy was here...and so was Grozli. 

                                Grozli 5/2/2019

     That old house to the south is getting new tiles all stacked on the gound, red and neat.

The old roof , a weathered scarf, frayed and torn.
Who stacked those tiles so perfectly? The neighbor? Not me. 

Next door to the north is another home improvement. 
A canopy suspended by block pillars, an umbrella of black shade for crickets.

My house stands in the middle, unnoticed, the same. Solid.

​*     *     *

Left: Effie kissing the Blarney Stone, Ireland. (2001)

Right: "Dregs of Humanity." ​First Published Poem. (1991)

Hillbilly Heav'n

     Only Yesterday
​     A Montage of Memories:   Poetry 
  I. Innocence
  II. Experience
  III. Goin' Places
  IV. Passage to Sensitivity
  V. Wisdom and Otherwise

Glimpses of God

This collection of poetry was written from scenes refer to grandparents, parents, and siblings now in their graves. Ts remembered as a child. The poemhrough every experience, God was evident. 
A few summers spent in the Ozarks with my parents' friends, affectionately called, "Uncle Charlie" and "Aunt Mamie" became memories, poems Effie could have written as a child, but waited until she grew up. 

 Ecclesiastes: Sonnet Digest

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